The Plan!

So the whole reason I started this blog was to help find myself and have somewhere to document it all. I don’t know how interesting people will find it, but hey if it helps me on my journey then it can’t be all bad.

The biggest step I am taking in my life at the moment is making the decision to go “travelling” at the end of the year. The air quotes are because I am not actually travelling as such but that is what it’s classed as I guess! I have family in Australia who I have visited plenty of times before but when I went in November 2016 something really clicked. I was stood at the airport ready to leave after 2 and a half week, cuddling my niece with tears streaming down my face and I looked at my two cousins and I just knew I had to come back and it had to be for a longer time than just a holiday.

A little bit of back story – I have one cousin who is around 3 years older than me (AD) and one who was born 8 days before me (SD). There has always been an ongoing joke because she was born 6 weeks early and we have always said it was because she just had to beat me to it! AD now has a little girl who is 5 who I will always call my niece as I am an only child but I have always seen my two cousins more like sisters. In our early years we always spent time together and they are my best friends, when we were younger I was always closer to SD but that was down to the age gap and I am sure because we were killing ADs street cred! As we grew up and especially now I am definitely just as close with both of them. Anyway, about 8/9 years ago we were told that they would be moving to Australia following a holiday where they (both of my cousins and my Auntie and uncle) visited our Grandad who had moved out there a few years previously. I have honestly never been so devastated in my life – baring in mind they also had already moved to Spain for a short while and come back! My 14-year-old self literally thought her whole world was crumbling around her and although I know now there are worse things that could happen; I still feel as if something is missing because they aren’t around all the time.

So back to my plan…Giving my niece the final kiss goodbye, I walked through the doorway to security. All I wanted to do was run back but I knew I couldn’t and it made me feel numb. I did the 19 hour flight with a 2 hour stop over and got out the other end where my dad was waiting for me. I got into the car and I said to him “that’s it, I am going back for a year!” He implied that he knew I would and fully supported me which only pushed me more into wanting to go.

I have already been granted a holiday visa for a year which was a battle in itself as the Australian government thought I was still in the country from November (I applied in February!) not really sure how I managed to get through passport control and all the security without them registering I was actually leaving! And the basic plan is to go live with my family for 6 months and work as a waitress or similar then hopefully go to Bali, New Zealand and other places in Australia. But for now I have two main things I need to do –
1. Actually book the flight – I still haven’t even decided when I want to go but I know it will be September/October as my friend gets married September 2018 and wants me to do the photography for the evening before and the morning before the ceremony (eeeeek!)…
2. Get my licence that allows me to work with alcohol in Australia.
3. A million and one other things that hurt my head if I think about them too long.

And that is that really, in a short summary.

Blondie xo